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Pegasus Technologies was created in 1991 to develop an affordable stolen vehicle recovery system that could be implemented in populated cities with no cost to local law enforcement agencies. While working towards this goal, Pegasus Technologies developed the ProAct Stolen Vehicle Bait System which it released in 1994 and later the bait bike program to help law enforcement in high bicycle theft areas.

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Pegasus Technologies, Inc.
2630 5th St. #4
Sacramento, CA 95818 USA
Phone: (916) 920-3274


Corporate Management

Jason Cecchettini – President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert Brownlee – Senior Vice President and Director of Engineering
Kyle White – Vice President of Software Development and Chief Information Officer

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Top 10 Stolen Vehicles

Here are the 2012 Top 10 most stolen vehicles in the USA. The number in parentheses is the model year most stolen:

  1. Honda Accord (1996)
  2. Honda Civic (1998)
  3. Ford Pickup Full Size (2006)
  4. Chevrolet Pickup Full Size (1999)
  5. Toyota Camry (1991)
  6. Dodge Caravan (2000)
  7. Dodge Pickup Full Size (2004)
  8. Acura Integra (1994)
  9. Nissan Altima (1997)
  10. Nissan Maxima (1996)

Source: NICB